Welcome to OneNote - Up to Speed!


This course helps you to get up and running quickly with Microsoft’s powerful note-taking and note management application.  OneNote comes in two versions:  the standalone version, which is OneNote 2016 and OneNote for Windows 10, which comes bundled with your Windows 10 installation.  One of the biggest differences between the two of them is that with the standalone version, you can work with notebooks stored outside of OneDrive; with the Window 10 version, you can only work with notebooks saved to your OneDrive account.


In this course, we’ll only working with the Standalone version, not the Windows 10 version. 


This handy step-by-step class starts from scratch, starting with basics such as creating notebooks, pages and sections and then moving on to more advanced features designed to help you to become more productive more quickly. 


In no time at all, you’ll be navigating the OneNote interface, editing, creating and managing your notes like a pro.  You’ll learn how to get data into and out of OneNote with ease, as well as share your notes and notebooks with others.  You’ll work with handwriting and drawing notes, inserting special objects and symbols into them, formatting them and collaborating with others. We’ll even work with adding spreadsheets and tables in your notes


Who is this course for?

This course was created for people new to digital note management as well as well-seasoned note-takers looking to learn Microsoft’s powerful and flexible note-taking application.  This course will also be helpful for those coming from an older version of OneNote, those moving away from another note-taking application or those looking to delve more deeply into the OneNote application.  

What does this course include?

·       Step-by-step instructional videos that are easy to follow

·       Downloadable lesson files allowing you to follow along with the instructor

·       Support for any questions you may have

What You’ll Learn:

·       OneNote Basics. You’ll learn how to navigate the OneNote interface.  You’ll start by opening a OneNote notebook.  You’ll then create a new notebook, rename a notebook, change notebook color, export your notes to other file formats, create a new notebook, and learn how to change screen views and zoom in and out. 

·       Working with Sections and Pages:  Next, we’ll begin working with notebook sections.  You’ll create, move, delete, color-code and group the sections of your notebook.  You’ll also learn how to password protect a section.  You’ll then learn how to create pages, move pages and create subpages.  

·       Getting Data into OneNote: Then, we’ll begin by creating, moving and resizing notes.  You’ll learn how to create quick notes outside of OneNote and how to get those quick notes into the OneNote app.  You’ll send Microsoft Office document s to OneNote, copy and paste data to OneNote from other applications, and use the OneNote Clipper extension to insert data from webpages into OneNote.  You’ll also learn how to insert images from your computer into your notes, insert online images as well as insert audio and video notes from a variety of different sources.  We’ll also learn how to embed Excel spreadsheets into your notes, how to email yourself a note and how to hand draw directly from within OneNote.

·       Editing Text: In this section, we’ll begin working with some of OneNote’s editing tools.  We format the text and paragraphs in our notes using the Ribbon and the Mini-Toolbar.  You’ll learn how to copy formatting using Format Painter, how to adjust paragraph spacing and indentation, how to create bulleted and numbered lists, tag notes, work with outlines and hyperlinks and insert symbols and special characters into your notes. You’ll also work with inserting complex equations into your notes.

·        Templates and Pages.  Next, we’ll drive into working with pre-formatted templates that you can apply to your pages.  You’ll learn how to use existing templates, set a default template or create your own.  We’ll also work a bit with page formatting such as setting paper size, paper margins, and page orientation.  You’ll also learn how to insert rule lines.  We’ll finish this section by learning how to preview and print your OneNote pages. 

·       Using Drawing Tool:  We’ll then take a deep dive into OneNote’s drawing tools.  You’ll learn how to draw free-form using pens and highlighters.  You learn how to format the pen/highlighter color and thickness, how to add shapes and lines to your drawings, how to format your drawing objects and how to layer objects.  We’ll also work with resizing and rotating objects.

·       Working with Tables: In this section, you’ll learn how to insert tables into your notes.  You’ll then work with table formatting, such as inserting and deleting rows and columns, adjusting column width and row position, changing cell alignment, applying shading to table cells and how to sort data in a table.  We’ll finish by learning how to convert a table to an Excel spreadsheet.

·       Group Collaboration: Lastly, you’ll learn how to share your notebooks with others.  You’ll share a page by email, send a page to Microsoft Word, share a notebook link or share an entire notebook.  You’ll learn how to synchronize your shared notebooks, how to create an Outlook task from a note and how to search for notes by a particular author.  We’ll also look at how to revert to an earlier version of a notebook as well as remove all version history so others cannot view other versions.


By the end of this course, you’ll be managing your notebooks like a pro, allowing you to effectively and quickly move through your workflow with confidence.

I’m also here every step along the way for you so don’t hesitate to ask me any questions related to OneNote or to the course content that come up as you journey through the course.  You can post your question in the course or fire me off a direct message.  Also, let me know if there’s any way I can improve this course.

Are you ready to begin your OneNote journey?  Then, let’s get started!

 - Roger

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • OneNote Course Introduction

    • Before You Begin

    • Download Course Lesson Files

  • 2

    Lesson 1: OneNote Bascis

    • Getting Started

    • OneNote Environment

    • Navigating OneNote

    • Creating a New Notebook

    • Renaming a Notebook & Changing Its Color

    • Changing Views and Zooming In

    • Exporting Your Notes to Other Formats

    • Searching Notebooks

    • Using Help

    • Closing a One-Note Notebook

  • 3

    Lesson 2: Working with Sections and Pages

    • Creating a New Section

    • Renaming Sections and Pages

    • Color Coding a Section

    • Moving a Section

    • Grouping Sections

    • Deleting a Section

    • Password-Protecting a Section

    • Creating Pages

    • Creating a Subpage

  • 4

    Lesson 3: Getting Data into OneNote

    • Creating a Note

    • Moving & Resizing Notes

    • Creating & Managing Quick Notes

    • Sending Office Documents to OneNote

    • Inserting a Screen Clipping

    • Using the OneNote Clipper

    • Inserting Images into Your Notes

    • Inserting Images from OneDrive

    • Creating Audio and Video Notes

    • Inserting Online Video

    • Embedding an Excel Spreadsheet

    • Attaching Files to Notes

    • Adding a File Printout

    • Emailing Yourself a Note

    • Handwriting Notes

    • Drawing Simple Math Equations

  • 5

    Lesson 4: Editing Text

    • Selecting, Moving & Copying Text

    • Using Formatting Tools

    • Using the Mini Toolbar

    • Copy Formatting Using Format Painter

    • Formatting Quick Notes

    • Checking Spelling

    • Using AutoCorrect

    • Using the Thesaurus

    • Inserting Symbols & Special Characters

    • Using Undo & Redo

    • Adding a Time Stamp to a Note

    • Aligning Text

    • Adjusting Spacing Between Paragraphs

    • Indenting Paragraphs

    • Creating a Bulleted List

    • Creating a Numbered List

    • Generating Complex Equations

    • Tagging Notes

    • Creating an Outline

    • Working with Hyperlinks

  • 6

    Lesson 5: Templates and Pages

    • Using Existing Templates

    • Creating a New Template

    • Setting the Default Template

    • Setting Page Size, Margins & Orientation

    • Changing Page Background

    • Inserting Rule Lines

    • Previewing and Printing OneNote Pages

  • 7

    Lesson 6: Using Drawing Tools

    • Drawing Free Form

    • Creating a Favorite Pen or Highlighter

    • Adding Shapes and Lines

    • Using the Eraser

    • Selecting Lines and Shapes

    • Formatting Drawing Objects

    • Moving & Resizing Drawing Objects

    • Layering Objects

    • Rotating Drawing Objects

  • 8

    Lesson 7: Working with Tables

    • Creating a Table

    • Inserting and Deleting Rows & Columns

    • Hiding Table Borders

    • Adjusting Column Width in a Table

    • Adjusting Row Position in a Table

    • Changing Cell Alignment

    • Sorting Data in a Table

    • Applying Shading to Cells

    • Converting a Table to an Excel Spreadsheet

  • 9

    Group Collaboration

    • Sending a Page by Email

    • Sending a Page to Word

    • Sharing Notebooks with Others

    • Synchronizing Shared Notebooks

    • Creating an Outlook Task from a Note

    • Searching for Notes by Author

    • Finding Recently Edited Notes

    • Viewing Page Versions

  • 10


    • Thank-You